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Souvenir gaidoshokuraekibentoko

It is the store in the Shinkansen Kokura wicket.
I have it from a popular "oak meal" to a standard "senior-grade sumo wrestler".
■Business hours
From Monday to Thursday     6:50-20:00
Gold ... day celebration    6:30-21:00
※I change business hours as follows for the duration from Monday, March 1, 2021.
※I will stop the reservation service of the station lunch.

[to the customer who wishes to make a reservation]
I make a reservation of the station lunch, and the question, please call at the following.
093-512-1967 (it follows it for description of - top business hours at 7:00 in time in)

※Please order it up to planned three days before.
※The arrival situation varies according to the date and time. Thank you for your understanding.

Recommended station lunch product

Mustard mentaito Hakata regional chicken meal

It is Karashi Mentaiko and a regional chicken meal, a lunch to be able to enjoy both.
Sales price 1,150 yen

Beef tongue mustard mentai lunch

It was fragrant and baked the beef tongue which I pickled to specially made sauce. It is with Karashi Mentaiko.
Sales price 1,250 yen


Specialty of Kagoshima "Ebimeshi" is a specialty station lunch with the history of 50 years. The rice which I cooked with prawns is the taste that is full of flavors.
Sales price 950 yen

ika siomai and black pig siomai lunch

Want to season a cuttlefish and a bamboo shoot with XO sauce; or a lunch of siomai and the siomai of the Kagoshima black pig. It includes Karashi Mentaiko.
Sales price 1,180 yen

Oak meal

I chop an oak (chicken), a shredded omelet and am three colors of lunches of the paste.
※For limited number of products, I cannot do a reservation, the reservation.
Sales price 800 yen

Daimyo journey palanquin oak

It is a lunch of nidanju with the side dish to a popular oak meal. It has been chosen as the West Japan station lunch ranking synthesis first place.
※For limited number of products, I cannot do a reservation, the reservation.
Sales price 1,100 yen
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