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Reward chocolate
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Reward chocolate


The reward chocolate was created for the smile of the wife. It is an opportunity that I made genuine gateau chocolate taught by a French friend to make the wife who was tired from work a smile. I select carefully and use the cacao of the highest grade. The egg becomes the product aiming at Fukuoka and fusion of France using a thing from Fukuoka. I am particular about quality, and the box having you feel wakuwaku since before having opened out is handcrafted one by one by a craftsman. I only had a charge account, and the carrier bag made luster glad, too. Taste of the reward chocolate was evaluated and was come to our store Mr. French ambassador Loran pick to Japan the other day from Tokyo. From an ambassador "is very delicious! In addition, I had you say, I want to eat it at the French embassy. For gateau chocolate representing Fukuoka in encouragement in this, I continue making gateau chocolate to report happiness to heartily.

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