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Noodles tuna is angry
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[angry noodles tuna] For the hot taste that let I pickle it, and a liquid be familiar of "the Mentaiko regular of the taste", I finish it in reserve emeno oil. Hot hotness that taste of the Mentaiko is piled up to the tuna of the fleshy substance that I did with a mellow taste well and comes later is exquisiteness.


[noodles tuna angry hot] I add the moment when I was able to enter the entrance and two kinds of chili pepper of the hotness to gradually come later and I finish it and am in the hotness with the lingering sound. Please enjoy a good-quality tuna and harmony of the rich hotness.


[noodles tuna angry premium] Approximately 20% of one can are canned luxurious tuna of the grain of the Mentaiko. I pickle it, and a liquid and a plentiful grain spread through a flavor and taste, the body of the Mentaiko in connection with a tuna still more. Furthermore, I seem to finish "only a premium" in cotton seed cake oil of high quality Ichiban Shibori. It is very mellow, and a taste of a tuna and the Mentaiko is just felt as it is the oil which I did plainly.

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