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Ancestor Hakata Motsunabe paradise motsu-nabe set
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It is the new product which sells it, and started in September, 2018. I had a lot of voices to want a motsu-nabe set of the paradise to be able to treat to prepare by normal temperature and developed a product. I establish a central kitchen and prepare the facilities of a freezer and the elevated temperature and pressure cooking device at a moment and am particular about the complete company production. The confidence that 100 were sold from sale in three days is the product which there is by the precedent sale at the store. As it is simple compact size, it is easy to treat it, and I am liked at normal temperature by a wide customer. All the ingredients pack a thing same as a store in processing, a pack carefully in-house. It is sticky when I boil the non-fried food noodles with the other boiling unnecessary, the simplicity that I can just put into a pan and is the volume perfect score. I put straight garlic in the cow organ meat without using the dry garlic that it happened quite often to reproduce the taste that I did with a thud of the garlic which it was characterized by of the paradise, and a flavor was finished at all deliciously wealthily by processing a retort.

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