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Real potato shochu of the Kirishima brewing
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Kirishima brewing


[black Kirishima] As for the shochu that Kirishima brewing founder, Jiangxia good luck assistant niyotte first goods delivered from a warehouse were able to step back in 1916, "black ricemalt" is learned. The history of the Kirishima brewing opened a curtain with shochu of the black ricemalt. "Black Kirishima" that reproduced taste of the black ricemalt training at the time of the founding. The taste that the black ricemalt arouses features sharpness after melty sweetness was well-defined.


[red Kirishima] The sweet potato uses "the purple A" (repurple Masa) of the purple potato. Because unrefined sake became bright red, in response to the citric acid which polyphenol and shochu ricemalt included in purple well richness produced, I named it "red Kirishima". It is the real potato shochu characterized by the fragrance that sweetness and dignity hard to quit after starting are high in.

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