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A Hakata fabrics garden or series tie, folding fan, card case
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sanui textile


I made the coin purse of "the suddenness aspect" loved for a long time with Fukuoka in traditional craft "Hakata fabrics" proud of the longest history in Fukuoka. The wooden rice scoop of the handle of the fastener imaged "Hakata Dontaku" and I was particular about "a quality of Fukuoka" in detail and produced it. As the cloth for Hakata fabrics strongly drives a big weft (when I come) using many warps (tateito), strength and flexibility are born to the cloth. As it is the cloth which I did well, it is available for a long time. And I am familiar with a twister, and gentle feel peculiar to silk is born when I continue using it. "A quality of Fukuoka" that it is for a smile as for the which the which the coin purse of the sudden aspect that anyone knows gives it took is one article clogged up in Fukuoka.

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