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Aroma accessories
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It is a fragrant aroma pendant with just one drop faintly. When I pay one or two drops for favorite aroma oil from an upper opening and wear it, I warm by temperature and can enjoy a faint fragrance. As the washing is possible, I add it and a season and a feeling and can change a fragrance. It is glass accessories to have an impression delicate at a glance, but it is made with hard glass for the jewelry and is the accessories which are strong at light weight. In a studio in Itoshima among the sea and mountains, a glass writer handcrafts it using a high temperature burner one by one. I can wear the one of the allergy to metal in peace by matching a possible waxing cotton string with the length adjustment. The opening of the accessories top is infusion and washing of the aroma oil, the shape that it is easy to care for.

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