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Prize for association of Fukuoka business and industry society party

Chikuzen Hakata black soybean tea
Production sale company name
Crescendo combination company Dazaifu roast temple


The brand black soybean [Chikuzen Kuroda circle] from Chikuzen-machi, Asakura-gun, Fukuoka is raised with the rich soil and water of Chikuzen-machi, and quality control is a black soybean of the done scarcity value in a local marketing cooperative. As for [Kuroda circle], sweetness and the luster such as the chestnut feature the new variety of black soybean that a black soybean was developed in pro-beans in Kyushu Okinawa agriculture research center of Tamba, the isoflavone anthocyanin in about 2 times, suito of the normal black soybean. [Chikuzen Hakata black soybean tea] As for this, a lot of of the repeater is pleased with as a souvenir, a gift as ... ... black soybean tea to eat which is ECO very much. ◆It is characterized by a nice smell and the fragrance that roasted a black soybean originally ◆I pay only hot water approximately 15 and pour hot water and can drink it in 3-5 minutes. Do not boil it to bring out the flavor <; simple> ◆A black soybean after having served it is> for <same supplementation that it is just eaten ◆I can use the black soybean after having served it for black soybean curry, vegetables with dressing, stewed dishes and dessert widely.

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