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Company profile

Corporate philosophy

We always take the glance of the customer and we attach true heart and the service of the smile and offer a product to be satisfied with.
・We support the life of local all of you and send local culture and contribute to local development.
・We challenge new possibility with the cause, originality and invention of the excellent challenge mind.
・In cooperation with each other, I repeat result steadily, and we develop the company and build the happiness of the family.
・We act faithfully and justly and provide a reliable product by security and aim at the company trusted by society.

Representative greetings

"The partner company" which trusts it, and is evaluated by local all of you
 For "JR service net Fukuoka" brand
It is 1975 (Showa 50) that Sanyo, a Tokaido Shinkansen opened the entire line.
Then 40 years or more were over, and Shinkansen Hakata Station, Kokura Station that was our business base developed as Osaka, Nagoya, "the doorway" which bound 3 metropolises and Kyushu, Fukuoka together of Tokyo.
A souvenir of Kyushu, Fukuoka, a local special product spread through the customer who came from 3 metropolises to "the all over Japan to the east" while the Shinkansen extended to "the west", and our business domain started from station stand business at first, too, and put it together for the development of the railroad and the change in the times and evolved steadily while enlarging a business style little by little.
In late years progress of the increase of the visit to Japan foreigner, an ICT technique and the globalization, the lifestyle of people including the diversification of the sense of values greatly change in addition to low birthrate and aging, too, and the needs of the customer change consistently, too.
I think that it is the origin that I find local "attractive products" in cooperation with business partner as the company which lives with an area in the ground of this Kyushu, Fukuoka (local symbiosis) so that a company will further grow up under such environment in future and develop it and enlarge a market, and it is from local in trust, an evaluated "partner company".
We contribute to the development of the community as a partner company and will work for "JR service net Fukuoka" chosen among customer, business partner brand.

 Kyoko Hirata
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