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On March 10, 1975, Sanyo Shinkansen opened the entire line from Shin-Osaka Station to Hakata Station, and a souvenir of Kyushu Fukuoka such as mustard mentaikoohajime, Hakata pork bones ramen, the well-established cake of high quality spread to "the whole country to the east".
I held "Kyushu Fukuoka souvenir Grand Prix" for from January 22 to February 28 to excavate the souvenir of Kyushu Fukuoka, and to promote information dispatch, branding as new souvenir product, culture, and the receiving a prize product of each section was decided.
On a return to go out on Sanyo Shinkansen by all means a souvenir of Kyushu Fukuoka together.
An attractive brand article for sale on behalf of much Kyushu Fukuoka is used for a receiving a prize product of the second Kyushu Fukuoka souvenir Grand Prix.
I appreciated what had been contributed to toward the past "development of the attractive special product of Kyushu Fukuoka, promotion of the branding" and presented a letter of thanks to the groups concerned of brand articles for sale related to a receiving a prize product.
Mustard mentaiko
Hakata mustard mentai
Yame tea
Fukuoka tea business promotion
Promotion meeting
Hakata amao
JA ZEN-NOH does not bulge
Strawberry sectional meeting
Hakata toyomitsuhime
JA ZEN-NOH does not bulge
Fig sectional meeting

Chizue Yamagiwa Chizue Yamagiwa

Dishes researcher, dietician

The work lasts for many aspects as menu development, writing, a lecture, a committee, the TV show of the public institution, a commentator of the radio at the same time to play an active part as dishes researcher widely. It is commonly said for terrible speech in a topic and humor and the wit that a feeling of life is full of.

"The souvenir which is more delicious than a dull travel story"…It is sure that I make a motto how if scolded…. The product thought about in conformity with local love well reminds of culture of the land, and what I felt in this examination whets a sentiment.



Guest judge Prize


Prize for association of Fukuoka business and industry society party


Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry prize


Kitakyusyu Chamber of Commerce and Industry prize


JR WEST Fukuoka branch office prize


The Shinkansen Hakata in-station stores prize


The Shinkansen Kokura in-station stores prize

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