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Privacy policy

Way of thinking of our site about the privacy policy

It shall deal with the personal information in conjunction with the homepage of JR service net Fukuoka based on the cause of the purpose of the Personal Information Protection Law, "the way of thinking of our site about the privacy policy".

1. Coverage

Logo mark of "SN Fukuoka" is displayed by the header of the page or a footer, and this way of thinking is applied for the Web page of the range where JR service net Fukuoka can control a copyright.
As this way of thinking is not applied about the site except the above, I recommend that statement contents about the personal information protection of each site are confirmed. About every damage that we produced by the use of the personal information that other sites acquired originally, we do not take all responsibility.

2. Purpose of the intelligence

The JR service net Fukuoka homepage collects a full name, the address of the customer, an e-mail address, the personal information of the customer such as the phone number by the following purposes.
  • For the delivery of the product and the settlement
  • To ask a question, and to make a reply for an inquiry, the opinion
  • To work as the guide of our product, service only when there is the agreement of the customer
  • For analysis notameya of the site usage history, the guidance of our product, service based on the result
  • For a request of the questionary survey cooperation
  • To make a machined document not to be able to identify an individual, and to disclose it
In addition, the personal information that I acquired may not modify it without the prior consent of the customer. In addition, when I use it for the purpose of other than above, I tell a customer about the use purpose beforehand and may not use it other than the use purpose without permission.

3. The appropriate acquisition and accurate securing of personal information

We acquire personal information from a customer appropriately after having made the use purpose clear and register a thing input appropriately.
We always hold the thing which we input appropriately about the personal information that we acquired than a customer.

4. Principle of the non-offer of the personal information

I provide it and do not disclose the information that can identify the individual who had you provide us than a customer to any third party unless I correspond to any of the following.
  • Offer of the necessary information to a person of trust inherited enterprise for the management of delivery, the order for product and correspondence from a customer to the inquiry
  • Offer of the necessary information in the settlement to a credit company, the bank
  • When there is the agreement of the customer
  • When I am called based on laws and ordinances

5. About disclosure (correction, suspension, removal) of the personal information

We disclose it about personal information to modify the request concerned only when we can confirm that it is the person when there was request of the disclosure of the personal information about the self from a customer. When I admit that we correspond to one of each next issue, I may not disclose it about all or a part of the personal information to affect the request concerned.
  • Is remarkable for the accomplishment of our duties; when affect it
  • When I might spoil personal life, body, property or other profit
When there was a proposal of a correction, suspension, the removal of the personal information about the self from a customer, we investigate it without delay. In this case, a correction, suspension removes it without delay when I admitted that there is a reason to need there being an error about personal information to affect the proposal concerned, other corrections, suspension, removal.

6. About safety management measures

I take the appropriate information security measures for unauthorized access, the computer virus.
We take personal information and take measures against the outside so that we do not leak out by transmitting.
I lecture on precautionary measures such as the above and carry out prompt correction measures at the time of the outbreak of the emergency.

7. Reference

About the inquiries about "the way of thinking of our site about the privacy policy", I would like notification to the following window.
The JR service net Fukuoka general affairs department
Phone number
Time in
Weekdays 9:00-17:00 (I take a rest on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

8. Disclaimers

When our site is used, I judge that the customer had you agree to "the thought of our site about the privacy policy" of the JR service net Fukuoka homepage. I may make a correction, addition and deletion, but a change releases "the way of thinking of our site about the privacy policy" to that case on our site as needed on an all site. When it continues after the change of "the way of thinking of our site about the privacy policy" was released and uses it, a customer judges contents for change to have had you confirm understanding.
In addition, the JR service net Fukuoka homepage does not perform a description and the indication whether the contents of our site are appropriate at all in the environment of the customer on our site. The access to our site shall depend on the free will of the customer, and the customer shall have the responsibility about the use of our site.
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