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CVS business

I run a partner store with Seven-Eleven Japan Co.,Ltd. I offer the product which fitted needs to the customer using Hakata Station, Kokura Station carefully and speedily.


Around in-station stores, I have a customer by abundant assortment of goods and heartfelt service.
The number of the stores: 5 stores ※As of August 31, 2023


I will offer the product which fitted the needs of the customer that a station is used carefully and speedily.
The number of the stores: 1 store ※As of August 31, 2023
(3) The whole
The male ratio
The woman ratio

Difference of the wage of the man and woman
(ratio of wage of the woman for the wage of the man)
All workers
  Regular staff
  Part, definite term employee
A target fiscal year: 2022 (until from April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023)
A wage: I include a base salary, overtime pay, a bonus, a commutation allowance, and the separation pay does not include it.
A regular staff: The time hourly wage person who works full by an employee, a specialized employee, the indefinite employment
A part, a definite term employee: Part-time service, hourly wage person
3.Mean length of service
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