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Roasted tea ore of Matcha ore, the star of the star
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Hoshino processed tea garden


[Matcha ore of the star] "Matcha ore of the star" where Yame Matcha is fragrant. Matcha ore of the discerning star who used stone mill Yame Matcha abundantly ☆It is creamy and bubbles softly just to pour * hot water. The sweetness is modest and is the Matcha drink which is good to living on bread, Western food.


[roasted tea ore of the star] Roasted tea ore of the star completed for the second of oreshirizu. It is nice smell not to lose to coffee and balanced Japanese-style ore of the milk of the Yame roasted tea. Caffeine is rather less (low caffeine), and, in before going to bed and fasting, even a small child can drink it in peace again.

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